still on jamaican time… mon

hey friends!

… I’ve just come back from a weeklong trip to Jamaica, celebrating a couple friends getting hitched!


bear with me while I get back to reality this week…

I’ll have some  posts on meditation and neuroscientists coming up! ya mon (jamaican-speak for “much love”)!

enlightenment for idiots : summer reads

In Enlightenment for Idiots, by Anne Cushman, at the command of her editor, Amanda heads to India to write a guidebook on Enlightenment. To her enlightenment is defined as;

“As I understand it, enlightenment is a state of blissful awareness that’s not dependent on any external circumstances… It’s the understanding that you’re not separate from anything else in the universe; the trees, the sun…”

On opening your body in yoga postures:

“Don’t force yourself open… Hear your body start to sing… Your body is made of stories and with every breath, you will learn that the present is made of the past.”

What it is about yoga that appeal to her:

“It’s a feeling – just for a moment – that I belong somewhere, even if it’s just inside my own skin”

She meets people along the way, like an India hotel owner who, despite his business doing very poorly, teaches her about what it means to be happy:

“Oh yes, madam, I am always happy. It is like this: What happens to us in life is for God to decide. But whether to be happy or not – that is our choice.”


Amanda, accompanied by her new-found sadhu friend Devi Das, works her way through India and spiritual teachers, like Mr Kapoor, Hari Das, Sri Satyaji, and finds herself in a variety of situations with the purpose of “being enlightened”; yoga classes, silent meditation, being blown on by female avatars, watching death ceremony’s at the foot of the Ganges, tantric gatherings, at the bodhi tree of the buddha’s enlightenment, and caves in snowcap mountains.

… a fun, summer read that helps you realize that enlightenment is here too, all around you, and everything’s ok. much love.

Get ready for the World Parkinson Congress

In September 2010, I got on a plane and went to Scotland for the 2nd World Parkinson Congress!

First, I saw a few castles…

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

Then had a wee dram of whisky…

Glengoyne Distillery, Dumgoyne, Killearn  Glasgow

Glengoyne Distillery, Dumgoyne, Killearn Glasgow

And presented some electromyographic data on how the muscles of males and females with Parkinson’s were more active during functional tasks (i.e. grip strength, walking, balance), indicating their muscles have to work harder and they may be more prone to fatigue than age-matched persons without Parkinson’s.

Presenting my poster, WPC Glasgow

Presenting my poster, WPC Glasgow

… and I can’t wait to do it again in October 2013 at the 3rd World Parkinson Congress in MONTREAL, CANADA!

... from Victoria BC's inner harbour!

… from Victoria BC’s inner harbour!

... from West Bay Marina in Victoria!

… from West Bay Marina in Victoria!


I’m bringing my passion for Parkinson’s research and my yoga and will SEE YOU in Montreal!

Countdown is on … much love.

road trip!

I’m on a road trip!


It started yesterday with a morning coffee-stop (yum!)

Chilliwack BC


Then, I made it to Vancouver just in time to attend a lovely Parkinson’s support group.




After, I stopped in to visit some (smart, and very helpful!) people here who are going to help me analyze my data!


PPRC at UBC Hospital, Vancouver BC


Over the next few days, I’m going to squeeze in some more data collection…


collecting daily muscle activity with portable electromyography (EMG)


and a bit yoga while I’m here!



Have a good weekend!! much love.

bring on the backpacking!

after tours through europe, canada, and scotland, we’ve decided to retire our packs (well, the packs that dave & flo so graciously let us borrow!).


packs on the beach, cinque terre, italy

me and my (heavy!) pack, monte carlo


berger traverse, BC


and say hello to “maia” and “arrakis” (thanks Valhalla Pure!)… fully waterproof and ready for Bowron Lake (july) and West Coast Trail (august)!


maia & arrakis

bowron lake (

west coast trail (

Bring on backpacking season!

I’m so grateful for the opportunities to explore and play in BC, and the people I get to share it with! much love.

weather warnings

my heart goes out to everyone affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit japan early this morning.

japan 03/11/2011 (

japan 03/11/2011 (

japan 03/11/2011 (

japan 03/11/2011 (


and I hope that everyone along the west coast stays informed and safe.

vancouver island (

Tofino is particularly vulnerable to tsunamis but has systems in place to inform their community and facilitate a quick evacuation.

Darc and I made the trek to Tofino for my birthday last november. What a beautiful area!

with amazing trees…


Cathedral Grove, BC



Long Beach, BC

hot springs…


hot spring island, BC

and surf…



tofino, bc

i highly recommend a visit… but maybe wait until the weather calms down. much love.