Find your “special thing”

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” ~Rumi

You know what it is. You’ve always known. You drew pictures of it when you were small. But then, job, kids, house, yard, family, friends, house, yard, work, computer came along. It sits under all that “busy me”.

It’s your dharma, your purpose.

You might already be doing it without naming it. Or it’s something you’d do it without pay if you could live off it.

Your calling. And it may take a huge amount of physical and emotional effort. The path may be confusing, painful, stressful, but you will know that it’s worth it.

what lights me up: yoga, parkinson's disease and caregivers, healthy aging especially for women

what lights me up: yoga, parkinson’s disease and caregivers, healthy aging especially for women

Life mastery doesn’t have to be making deals, responding to emails, losing sleep. You can change the world and achieve your dharma with not only the yang -pushing forward, taking action- but also the yin -be in the flow and receptive.

Some ways to help you get there..

  • Take the time to figure out “what lights you up”!
  • Try saying no to things that don’t contribute to your purpose.
  • Surround yourself with people who understand or do similar “work”.
  • Take some time to sit and listen to your inner teacher.
  • Trust that you know what is best for yourself and your purpose.
  • Take the time and space you need. Ebb and Flow.
  • Embrace your calling, whatever it is. No judgment.

what lights you up? It’s ok to still be figuring it out. I know mine involves

Parkinson’s, caregivers,




healthy aging and female-specific research


… but in what capacity? Not too sure yet!       much love.