Paleo for Parkinson’s?

So, Darc and I decided to do a cleanse for the month of March. Spring is a great time to detox… your body and your living space (we moved apartments, so we also did some major spring cleaning of our ‘stuff’!). We decided to follow Tim Ferris’ 4-hour body Slow Carb Diet … basically cutting out everything but protein and veggies. It was hard, at first… then after a month we decided to extend it a bit longer. Now, a low carb diet is becoming a habit (are you surprise? this is from the guy who bakes … and I mean CHECK OUT THESE pancakes, english muffins, bread, cinnamon buns, pizza, AND croissants!!).

Lately, we’ve been looking into the Paleo diet (…though being a vegetarian i’m a bit unsure of where I’m going to get all my protein without legumes) and we came across this great book at the library…


… and whatdya know, they have a section on eating for Neurological health, including Parkinson’s disease!


The book suggests some nutrients, such as B vitamins, Vitamin C, D & E, magnesium,  potassium, omega-3’s, probiotics, zinc among others…


It also discusses dietary / lifestyle factors you should add (fats, antioxidants, massage, stress-management) and avoid (gluten, dairy, sweeteners, caffeine) … though I DO NOT agree with avoiding high-intensity exercise, as research demonstrates it IS beneficial.

… and finally some considerations around protein, Vitamin B6 and Levodopa.


… now I’m curious… Let me know IN THE COMMENTS BELOWdo YOU follow ay special diet plans?

Have you tried a gluten-free or Paleo diet?

How does diet modification change YOUR Parkinson’s management (because we all know everyone is different!)??

much love.