eating with myself…

this is me (though maybe not the burger, but definitely the coffee)… or what I don’t want to be anymore …

studies show that people who eat while “plugged-in”, whether it be work, or the tv at home eat 300 more calories, increasing likelihood of becoming obese and developing related conditions (i.e. type2 diabetes).

do you try to sit and JUST eat your meal, create some time and space to enjoy the food in front of you? it’s hard! i’m really struggling with this one.

I’m not saying that you need to sit and eat in silence (though sometimes it’s nice), but meals are a great way to connect with others, share ideas etc. and often putting yourself in front of the television/computer while eating takes that away. Not that i don’t enjoy putting on a great show and having my meal… just sometimes I don’t think it’s necessary.

and at school is another issue… as we all know, there are only so many hours in the workday (unless those spill over to the evening) and it can be challenging to take yourself away from the task-at-hand (because we are all trying to mono-task and do one “quality” job at a time, right?).

the more you focus on your meal, the more you notice what tastes you like, don’t like, and hopefully you begin to think; when do I feel full? is this the type of food I want to put in my body? does it make me feel good? do I know where this food comes from? is it local? or can I name its origin and even find it on a map? how far did my food travel and what methods went into growing it?  etc. etc. And thereby fostering a relationship with the food you eat and how it makes you feel. I just finished Jane Goodall’s Harvest for Hope. This story of genetically modified food, destructive farming practices, water supply, over-consumption vs. malnourished parts of the world, and the overall impact on well-being of animals (especially the chimps and farm animals!) and gaia (mother earth) is very relevant. It’s a great read that touches on so many issues…

This is a “big one” for me in term of mono-tasking and all the mindfulness that revolves around it… good thing the year has 352 days to go! much love.

p.s. as I write this a cup of coffee is steaming beside me and a fresh croissant is calling my name… here’s to closing the computer lid and taking a big satisfying bite! cheers!

food day

sometimes productivity isn’t measured by the amount of words you write or data files you analyze, but how much fun you have mixing flour and water (and maybe a few other ingredients)!

luckily I have a partner who knows his way around the kitchen … sunday was very productive!

much love.


coffee with levon

dutch baby pancake

english muffins

whole wheat loaf

cinnamon buns



chocolate croissants

standing a little stronger & a little softer

It’s like I’ve fallen out of bed from a long and vivid dream
Finally I’m free of all the weight I’ve been carrying

Wake me up


happy monday!


things are changing and new layers are unravelling. another amazing weekend has come to a close, along with it came a new soundtrack to spring (quote above).

soundtrack for spring



I did an amazing workshop with Jay Fields called “being and becoming”. I spent the majority of this weekend learning how the practice of yoga supports how I live in the world, specifically how I stand and how my feet make contact with the earth.

Jay Fields

the first day of the workshop centered around the psoas muscle. ultimately, by stretching and strengthening this huge intrinsic muscle (which starts behind the ribs and wraps under our abdomen to end at to top of our femur bone) we can stand more solidly. but also, stretching this muscle enables us to soften a bit too! i love the duality in this, stronger yet softer; following your heart, instead of leading with will…

i really like the idea of relaxing and coming into alignment; just being alive in the moment instead of charging through the world with force (willfully).

the second day focused on how we meet the earth, specifically the muscles of the lower leg and feet. by strengthening and lengthening (a weak muscle is a tight muscle), yoga helps us grow our capacity to really feel. i hope she comes back to kelowna and highly recommend that you check out her website:



in between “the psoas” and “the feet” was a lovely dinner with some lovely ladies. there’s nothing like good friends, food, and wine to help you be more alive in the moment!   much love.

good friends, lets eat!