A cup of coffee a day keeps dyskinesias away?

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Previous research has shown coffee to protect against Parkinson’s disease (see more info HERE).

Studies also show that coffee may help lessen some of Parkinson symptoms during daily life (Postuma et al., 2012 American Academy of Neurology) – see link HERE

New research now shows that coffee may help with dyskinesias, or uncontrollable movements, associated with Parkinson’s (Jenner 2013 Mov Disord).

The hypothesis is that coffee may act on an adenosine receptor (A2a). A2a, when inhibited, seems to enhance dopamine’s effect on the brain. It is thought that caffeine may inhibit A2a receptors, resulting in increased inhibition and increased effect of dopamine.

This has potential for drug development related to ON/OFF fluctuations and uncontrollable dyskinesias, as a result of dopaminergic medication!


very interesting! what are some of your experiences with caffeine? any noticeable benefits/irritants?

much love.