Favourite Things – Yoga Props

After all the sitting and visiting I did over the holidays, my hamstrings ache at the sight of a forward fold! … this is why I LOVE yoga props! With a little extra love & support, I can safely start stretching those pesky hamstrings back out!



1. Bolster … this is my go-to! It’s useful underneath your pelvis to tip it forward when seated on the floor (helps with tight hips/hamstrings!) and I especially love laying on my back length-wise along the bolster to open my chest (see image #1)!

2. Strap … there are like “arm-extenders”! I use this especially when lying on my back to stretching out my hamstrings; I just have to lasso my foot and it relieves any strain on my lower back (see image #3).

3. Block … the floor is instantly closer! It can also be used to support your knees in reclining cobblers pose (see image #1).

4. Meditation cushion … it has a bean-bag like fill and is oh-so-comfortable for seated meditation or just regular-floor sitting (we even sit on these instead of chairs and eat dinner at our coffee table!). Elevates my hips and helps me to settle in to a comfortable meditation practice.

Props are a great way for beginners to safely get into a pose, or for those more experienced yogis to deepen their practice.

Happy Yoga-ing! much love.

p.s. all props shown here are from Halfmoon, a Canadian company passionate about yoga that I personally support.