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University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
Canada V8W 2Y2
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much love.

5 thoughts on “Contact Me

    • Hi Jillian! So lovely to hear from you… Your blog is great, you are so honest with your thoughts/experiences! Yes, we should meet up and chat! Can you email me ( and we can connect there? Take care!

  1. Hi my name is Natalie Brown. I am 46 years old, wife and mother of 5. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 5/2009. I have had the DBS Surgery on my left side of my brain in September of 2012. I am now scheduled to have the other side of my brain done again in September of 2013. (My disease has progressed and now I need to have the right side done). I would love to hear from other people who have the disease or who have had the DBS Surgery.
    (Or if I can help someone with answers on this Disease and Surgery.)

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