Upcoming Events

Yoga Classes and Workshops

“I would totally recommend yoga with Kaitlyn to anyone with Parkinson’s – young or old, male or female – because she makes you feel like you are really special just the way you are! She delivers clear and easy to follow descriptions to each pose and explains how it will benefit us. She also gives adaptations for people who need it. Kaitlyn doesn’t take off into airy-fairy land, but makes the movements of yoga an interesting way to stretch our bodies and calm our minds. And she makes it all FUN! The energy that surrounds her and the feelings you get from being around her make you feel cared about and important. She becomes the center of the group, not just the instructor, and she is very encouraging. It will be hard to find someone who understands ‘us’ as well as Kaitlyn or who can deliver a class as well as she can. She has been an inspiration to us all!”


*I’m happy to GUEST TEACH A YOGA CLASS/SERIES (Parkinson’s specific or not) AND I offer PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS (Parkinson’s specific or not).

If you are interested or want more information, please contact me at: kaitlyn.p.roland@gmail.com

Public and Academic Presentations


  1. Mind, Mood Parkinson’s conference, February 10th 9-4pm; Salvation Army Citadel, Victoria BC; registration HERE
  2. Time Out for Parkinson’s Care Partners, March 17th; Salvation Army Citadel, Victoria BC; registration HERE

*I’m happy to be a GUEST SPEAKER on the following topics:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • yoga
  • aging
  • exercise
  • research
  • non-profit volunteering
  • etc!

Please know that all of us in the group found the Parkinson’s Caregivers workshop helpful, with plenty of practical ideas. Which incidentally, I am following up on, at least a few of Kaitlyn’s suggestions. Talking of which, Kaitlyn is a delightful presenter, easy to listen to. What I personally really appreciated is that she listens well.”

Please contact me at: kaitlyn.p.roland@gmail.com for more information!

One thought on “Upcoming Events

  1. I have recently moved to Kelowna & came across your website while
    Searching for PD info. I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with stage 2 PD.
    I’m very interested in your program & wonder if you will be coming out to Kelowna in the new year ?

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