The G8 dementia summit: a recap

Did you know the G8 health ministers met in London December 11th for a one-day summit on dementia? Mimi Lowi-Young, CEO, Alzheimer Society of Canada, along with Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose and other leading Canadian researchers attended.

Their goal is to find an effective treatment for dementia by 2025 and improve the quality of life for people who are affected. This is an important public health problem, as dementia affects more than 35 million people worldwide and is expected to almost double every 20 years.

The ministers committed to 12 goals to address the human and economic toll of dementia-related illnesses, including “the ambition to identify a cure or a disease-modifying therapy for dementia by 2025 and to increase collectively and significantly the amount of funding for dementia research to reach that goal.” They also called for innovative ways to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers while reducing its emotional and financial burden.

Alzheimer's disease International

Alzheimer’s disease International

The entire document and all 12 goals can be read HERE.

Also, Canada and France will co-host a meeting in Ottawa in 2014 that will focus on partnering academia and industry to put research into practical ideas and care models. The U.K. government is also appointing a dementia team to explore a private and philanthropic fund for global dementia innovation.

Looking forward to seeing how this creates new and innovative partnerships for dementia research in 2014! much love.


8 thoughts on “The G8 dementia summit: a recap

  1. Yes, there definitely needs to be a better link between academic research and nursing home practices. I have found that in the nearly 2 years since my husband entered the nursing home, there is very little understanding of what Parkinson’s disease dementia is like. I guess there is always hope but sometimes it all seems overwhelming because, yes, dementia is an epidemic. Thank you for posting this. xxx

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    Sharing this wonderful and informative post on the G8 Alzheimer’s/Dementia summit. Out of the 193 countries in the WHO, there are only 13 who have plans on how to deal with the disease at a national level. As our population continues to live longer, dementia will also be a full-blown epidemic that would require quality long-term care services for the elderly. Read more about the topic here:

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