10 Meditation Myths

  1. Meditation = Concentration (… in actuality, meditation is relaxation of the mind, a sort of deconcentration. if the mind is relaxed, the end results is better concentration).
  2. Meditation = Religious (… in actuality, it is an ancient practice that transcends religion.)
  3. Meditation = sitting in lotus posture (… in actuality, a comfortable steady pose – whatever that is for you – helps your body, and mind relax into meditation.)
  4. Meditation is for old people (… in actuality, no matter what our age, we can all use a little help learning to be emotionally stable and strong, and calm.)
  5. Meditation = Hypnosis (… in actuality, meditation is an antidote for hypnosis, making us more aware and freeing us from the impressions in our mind.)
  6. Meditation = Thought-control (… in actuality, the idea is to let your thoughts come and go as they please and become aware of them after they arrive. Be the witness, not the controller.)
  7. Meditation = a way to run away from problems (… in actuality, meditation enables us to develop the ability to accept situations as they are and take conscious action; building inner strength.)
  8. Meditation = hours and hours (… in actuality, the deep connection can occur in moments.)
  9. Meditation = monks/recluses (… in actuality, it gives you a happy and relaxed mind to live your fullest day to day life, whatever that is.)
  10. Meditation = restricted by time and space (… in actuality, you can meditate any time, in any space. Though, it’s best to do it around sunrise and sunset).


… does that clear up any misconceptions? What are you thoughts on meditation – do you meditate? What are the benefits?

Thanks Bhanu Narasimhan for this great article!

Happy meditating! much love.

8 thoughts on “10 Meditation Myths

  1. Excellent information for those of us who may never tried. I think I will begin a daily routine. Does the area you chose to do it have to be silent, i.e., ducks and geese landing and taking off. Would that be a distraction?

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