Partners in Parkinson’s care

In light of National Caregiver Month, I wanted to share some tips from the Parkinson Disease Foundation on being in a “care partnership”:
I prefer to call this relationship a “care partnership” because I believe it is one that is truly reciprocal. As a person with PD adjusts to physical changes and, at times, to changes in personal independence, the care partner must learn to adapt to a different relationship dynamic and perhaps to greater “ownership” of duties that their partner had previously handled.
  1. Your experience is unique – respect your own journey
  2. Even though you didn’t sign up for this role, it doesn’t mean you can’t be GOOD at it!
  3. Have open communication
  4. Don’t let the disease define you
  5. Find a GOOD doctor and go as a team
  6. Don’t apologize for getting a second opinion, that’s taking care of yourself
  7. Learn about PD step-by-step
  8. Educate others on PD
  9. Actively find support to help you manage the day-to-day AND to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences and valuable information
  10. Discuss future financial and medical plans NOW

For more details on these items, check out:

much love.


7 thoughts on “Partners in Parkinson’s care

  1. Good morning Kaitlyn, Thank you for your continual stream of significant and relevant information.

    My wife Vanessa is scheduled for DBS on Monday. We are both hopeful and optimistic going in. Obviously we don’t yet know what the next phase of PD will look like for her but intent to continue a daily yoga program. We are passionate believers in the power, potential and magic of yoga.

    In friendship, Allan Werthan Evergreen, CO

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Allan
      So great to hear from you! I’ll be thinking of you and Vanessa on Monday… being optimistic and setting an intention is the best place to start. Please keep me posted on your “journey”. Take care!

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