WPC2013: a recap in photos


< after a long red-eye flight (3 planes total), arriving at my hotel with my poster in hand >


< listening to Bob Kuhn (a PWP from Vancouver) inspire the crowd to create community with his statement “Illness starts with I, wellness starts with WE”. Follow his blog, Positively Parkinson’s, HERE >


< Tim (PWP from Manitoba), winner of Canada’s inaugural amazing race, telling the crowd about finding your own inner strength and courage >


< Drs Stoessl and Fahn welcoming us to Montreal and WPC 2013! >


< stretching out those hips and glutes during yoga with Renee LeVerrier (her site HERE) and myself day 1 in the renewal room >

IMG_1974< Montreal weather was so kind to us during the week! Beautiful sunrise on day 2! >


< working through our chakra energy during Let Your Yoga Dance  in the renewal room on day 2 with Megha (check her out HERE)


< presenting my PhD research on daily muscle activation patterns in men and women with PD. The full study is published in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology HERE >


< great lecture on the final day by an all-female lineup Drs Nieuwboer, Horak and Goodwin on freezing, falls and targeted exercise >

IMG_2001< looking forward to it! see you next time on the west coast! much love >

3 thoughts on “WPC2013: a recap in photos

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