Happy Halloween… some of my favourite costumes!

Bunny (1988)

/ Bunny (1988)

princess (1987)

Wayne and Garth

Wayne (and Garth!) (2001)

snow white (2005)

snow white (2005)


Betty Rubble (and Burger King!) (2009)

Betty Rubble (and Burger King!) (2009)

Waldo (2010)

Waldo (2010)

Orphan Annie (2011)

Orphan Annie (and lumberjack!) (2011)

Gerontologists and family on the East Coast

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks…

I was at the WPC2013 in Montreal, the first week of October, and recently have been on the east coast for a couple conferences.

The Canadian association on gerontology held their annual conference in Halifax… which, is close to family for me! I presented some PDF research on categorizing dementia caregiver stressors across neurodegenerative diseases (AD, PD, MCI, DLB).


The typology shows that different symptoms, lead to different secondary strains (i.e. memory –> role-strain, motor –> constant vigilance) and this varies with disease. The implications of this are that we cannot provide the same support across all dementia caregivers.

I also did a workshop on Yoga for Parkinson’s disease, with a specific focus on application to this population from a pathological and physiological perspective, as well as some issues around current yoga research.

Aside from both of these, I got to teach early morning yoga classes for those participants who wanted to get some physical activity in before the conference sessions. I had a good group of 12 people both days… you know who you are, way to go! Thanks to Moksha Yoga Halifax, and my dear friend Jo, for letting us use your yoga mats! … and for the delicious breakfast date with your cutie!

After my workshop, I hoped in my car and drove up to Cape Breton Island. Let me tell you, the trees on the east coast are so incredibly beautiful this time of year. It was indescribable. The pictures don’t do it justice.

IMG_2068 IMG_2072 IMG_2071

I have a “boatload” of family in and around Nova Scotia (that’s what happens when your dad is 1 of 10 siblings!) and was lucky enough to see: 4 Cousin, 7 Aunts or Uncles, and Nanny … the one and only.  All who left me feeling spoiled and full of love … not bad for a 30hour trip to the Island and a 2-hour conference break!

IMG_2078 IMG_2079

… and then my adventure continues in the NorthEastern United States. Stay tuned. Much love.

liver disease drug may slow progression of parkinson’s disease

Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience are hopeful that new research (published in Brain) may lead to a group of drugs that may slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

One of the major hypotheses for brain cell death in Parkinson’s is the malfunctioning of the mitochondria. The drug studied by the researchers at the Sheffield Institute includes compounds targeted to correct the faulty mitochondria, the power house of the cells of our body.

The synthetic drug identified by researchers, ‘Ursodeoxycholic acid‘ (UDCA), is a licensed drug has been used to treat liver disease. Researchers can now initiate clinical trials to verify the safety as well as the tolerability for Parkinson’s.

How exciting is this? Treatment options that will slow down or halt Parkinson’s progression – rather than just managing symptoms – have serious implications for improved quality of life! I’m looking forward to how the clinical trials progress! much love.

parkinson bloggers: an update

I thought i’d share an update of what i’ve been reading… blogger addition.

some in this list are new, some have been mentioned HERE (parkinson blogger gals) or HERE (more parkinson blogs) but all are wonderful PERSONAL blogs about experiences living with PD.

… what have you been reading? any others to add to the list? much love.

WPC2013: a recap in photos


< after a long red-eye flight (3 planes total), arriving at my hotel with my poster in hand >


< listening to Bob Kuhn (a PWP from Vancouver) inspire the crowd to create community with his statement “Illness starts with I, wellness starts with WE”. Follow his blog, Positively Parkinson’s, HERE >


< Tim (PWP from Manitoba), winner of Canada’s inaugural amazing race, telling the crowd about finding your own inner strength and courage >


< Drs Stoessl and Fahn welcoming us to Montreal and WPC 2013! >


< stretching out those hips and glutes during yoga with Renee LeVerrier (her site HERE) and myself day 1 in the renewal room >

IMG_1974< Montreal weather was so kind to us during the week! Beautiful sunrise on day 2! >


< working through our chakra energy during Let Your Yoga Dance  in the renewal room on day 2 with Megha (check her out HERE)


< presenting my PhD research on daily muscle activation patterns in men and women with PD. The full study is published in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology HERE >


< great lecture on the final day by an all-female lineup Drs Nieuwboer, Horak and Goodwin on freezing, falls and targeted exercise >

IMG_2001< looking forward to it! see you next time on the west coast! much love >

Kelowna, I’m bringing some Parkinson’s yoga and Time Out for Caregivers to you!

After spending 4 years in Kelowna completing my PhD, the Kelowna PD community is near and dear to my heart! Just ask about 70 of them about getting hooked up with an EMG machine and spending the day being monitored… I definitely couldn’t have done my PhD without them!

… that’s why I’m coming back to Kelowna and bringing some yoga with me. Friday November 15th and Sunday November 17th I’ll be running two yoga workshops specific to PD at Trinity Yoga Center (#6 – 3818 Gordon Drive).

Space is limited, so please register early by sending me an email (kaitlyn.p.roland@gmail.com) or calling me at 250.589.2046


I’m also in town for a Parkinson Society BCTime Out for Caregivers!” Event on November 16th from 1-4pm… so care partners, come join me for discussions on self-care and resilience!


… can’t wait Kelowna! much love.

world parkinson congress, here I come!

As you read this, I’ll be landing in Montreal-Trudeau Airport after my redeye from Victoria… I’ll grab a coffee and a catnap and be ready to go!

... from Victoria BC's inner harbour!

If you’re around, stop in and see me… or send me an email, I’d love to meet up!

  • Renewal Room Wed 8-9am Yoga with Renee and myself
  • Renewal Room Wed 415-515pm Yoga with Renee and myself
  • Renewal Room Thurs 8-9am Let Your Yoga Dance (i’ll be assisting Megha!)
  • Poster Session Thurs 11:30-1:30pm #P10.07, room 220C
  • Renewal Room Thurs 5:15-6:15 Let Your Yoga Dance (i’ll be assisting Megha!)


I will have a full-update later next week… jusque-la, je serai a la belle ville de montreal, a bientot! beaucoup d’amour.