(more) professional athletes with Parkinson’s… an ongoing discussion

Something that keeps showing up in the news.
Former professional athletes (from all arenas) coming out with Parkinson’s diagnoses…
Steve Ludzik (NHL)
Dave Parker (MLB)
Brian Grant (NBA)
Forrest Gregg (NFL)
… is it the repeat blows to the head leading to Brain Injury (see post HERE)if so, how do we make these games safer (concussion-wise), while still retaining the spirit of the sport? How does this apply to other “hard hitting” jobs, like military?
just something that has been on my mind… much love.
Interested in more? here’s a start… Lehman et al. Neurology Sept 2012
and have you seen this documentary “Head Games” (2012)

6 thoughts on “(more) professional athletes with Parkinson’s… an ongoing discussion

  1. That’s very interesting, and I would think that some studies into brain and blood flow might be very revealing. British comedian billy connaly has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s ( as well as prostate cancer) sadly, I suspect that mor than one lifestyle factor contribute. I hope you are well, always enjoy your posts!

  2. Such an important issue…I’m glad you are already exploring the connection between Sport and Society on this matter, because it seems very clear to me that the fallout from TraumaticBrainInjury is very much parallel to more general issues of Aging, especially in regards to Dementia, and also the way we here in the U.S. intend to face the forthcoming/currently-arriving Senior-Boom.

    I don’t know if we can do much beyond better-technology to prevent damage, but more information will likely lead to different choices among athletes, and perhaps simply being aware of the issue will encourage them to make adjustments in their play and decisions regarding their career.

    But we can safely bet that effective treatment will be critical going forward.

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