Dance for Parkinon’s: IRISH

So, we’ve talked about TANGO, and about BALLET … but now, IRISH!


Researchers at both the St. Raffaele Arcangelo Hospital in Venice, Italy and University of Limerick  are finding that following 8-weeks of twice weekly Irish dance classes, persons with Parkinson’s fell less often and were more mobile. They speculate the benefits are attributed to the exercise, strong rhythm of Irish music and the sociability of group dances.

The steady rhythm provided by the music (in this case, Irish Folk) acts as an “acoustic cue”, bypassing the basal ganglia, affected by  Parkinson’s, and helping patients reroute movement cues.

Parkinson’s dancers performed at the 26th Annual International Traditional Music Festival in Feakle, August 5th-7th.

… more evidence to dust off those dancing shoes, and find your rhythm! much love.


More news links:–to-present-research-on-Irish-set-dancing-as-remedy-for-Parkinsons-216564571.html

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