creating a home practice

doing yoga regularly at home can be very beneficial to your practice. It may be intimidating to practice without guidance, you don’t need to be a super-yogi to create a safe and beneficial home yoga practice.

for me, sometimes my practice is seated meditation, breath work by candlelight

some days my home practice is seated meditation, breath work by candlelight…

  • take a few classes, first. get to know which postures make you feel good, and which postures really benefit you. Those are the poses that may be tough and that challenge you… you may be avoiding them, but you may really benefit from working on that area (hamstrings, core, slow movements, long holds). also, get to know proper body alignment. develop good alignment and positioning habits right from the beginning.
  • be easy on yourself. do what you feel like doing, instead of what you do in class or what someone tell you you should be doing. the first thing to ask yourself is: what type of practice and schedule works best for me?
  • personalize it. chose what (poses?) helps you the most in this moment. maybe today you sit and breathe for 2minutes. maybe tomorrow you do 20minutes of solid movement. maybe the day after you lie in savasana for 5minutes. make it accessible and flexible so you’re more likely to do it. getting on your mat is good enough.
  • don’t make it complicated. nothing fancy. just you, your mat or a designated floor space. everything else is bonus.
  • make it a habit. just like brushing your teeth, practice yoga consistently.
  • get creative. for those busy days, let something else be your yoga for the day. make a task (dishes, laundry, commute) a mindful meditative experience. be fully present and observe yourself during the task.
... and some days my home practice is bright, energetic and keeps me on my toes!

… and some days my home practice is bright, energetic and keeps me on my toes!

… most importantly, yoga is about making a habit of coming back home to yourself. so, take the time to check-in with yourself daily, it’s a nice habit. Also, if you’ve lost the motivation for your home practice or daily routines, try setting up a private session with a local teacher to help design a program that re-inspires you. Getting support makes this yoga-journey more fun!

do you have a home practice? if so, feel free to share what it looks like in the comments below! much love.

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4 thoughts on “creating a home practice

  1. I do have a home practice that I often rely on to do just as you said- bring me home to myself. I could probably be a bit more challenging with my home practice because I do mostly the poses I like, and my body knows well. It’s the poses my body needs that I tend to leave out. This is why I supplement with weekly classes at a yoga center.

    • Thanks for sharing… That’s great advice! Stick to what feels good (so you’re more inclined to hit your mat regularly), but also take part in classes to get new ideas and figure out what your body needs !! … And it’s always nice to connect with others in your yoga community (“sangha”).

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