Dancing with Parkinson’s

With all the recent research about the benefits of dance, the show should be retitled: “Dancing with Parkinson’s

In a study from the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Katzman demonstrated that dancing had the greatest risk reduction of dementia any activity studied, cognitive or physical. Dancing may be beneficial from the active learning combined with physical activity needed to do it – the cognitive benefits may be from rewiring of neural synapses.

While you are dancing, you are making decisions, increasingly your mental acuity and creating complexity in the neural synapses

Pretty interesting, huh? I have a few most specific posts coming up (tango! ballet! even irish!) so stay tuned.


HERE‘s a link to a great organization in Montreal, Canada that offers Dance to people with Parkinson’s

HERE‘s a link to a Dance for Parkinson’s program from The Mark Morris Dance Group, the Brooklyn Parkinson’s Group and the Bronx House Community Center

an aspiring ballerina snowflake (1990)

an aspiring ballerina snowflake in the nutcracker (june 1990)

a snowflake in the nutcracker (june 1990)

a snowflake in the nutcracker (june 1990)

Happy Dancing! much love.


8 thoughts on “Dancing with Parkinson’s

  1. Hello K.R.! Thank you for your informative piece on Dancing with PD. We have met…you once hooked me up to a bunch of electrodes for a movement study you were doing re PPRC! I am getting quite rigid again as time goes on and feel I am loosing muscle. What type of dance would you recommend? I have been using WiiDance where you follow the movements on the screen. I also dance to electronica – some beats seem to snap me on if I am off or almost off. Thanks so much! signed: over 50 – 6 yrs logged on the “journey”.

    • Hi! So nice to hear from research participants and thanks for checking out my blog!
      I think what’s important about the type of dance you do is that you are motivated to do it! I know a few people who like upbeat music so they do Zumba! classes at their local gym, and others who prefer a slow pace choose a chair-ballet.
      Wii dance is great because it’s easily done in your own home… though sometimes it’s nice to get out and move in a group!
      I think one of the PD support groups in the Vancouver area offers bi-weekly dance as part of their meeting – if you live near there the PSBC would have that information! Take care 🙂

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