never too late…


yoga is a gift for old age.

one who takes to yoga when old gains not only health and happiness, but also freshness of mind, since yoga gives one a bright outlook on life, and one can look forward to a happier future rather than looking back into the past which has already entered into darkness. the loneliness and nervousness, which creates sadness and sorrow, are destroyed by yoga as a new life begins.

hence, it is never too late to begin. yoga, if started in old age, is a rebirth that teacher one to face death happily, peacefully, and courageously.

therefore, nobody is exempted from doing yoga and there are no excuses for not doing yoga. how useful is yoga can only be understood by practicing it.

how true! much love.


from Yoga: A Gem for Women, by Geeta Iyengar (Timeless Books, 1990)


8 thoughts on “never too late…

  1. Beautifully said Kaitlyn and so very true. I can say from my experience with YOPD , a content mind=more content body. I haven’t forgotten you, I am in Hawaii practicing my Yoga for a few weeks. I will contact you on my return tx for this blog , I will share

    • Thanks Jillian! Your name came up at the Sidney support group last month (I am speaking there March 5) … We really should connect when you get back! Enjoy the sun and yoga – sounds wonderful 🙂

  2. This post put a smile on my face. While I was in Puerto Vallarta completing my teacher training, I blessed enough to meet an older lady in a restaurant having lunch. The lady did not look a day older than 75. I had a conversation with her once she overheard we were all doing a training group for yoga.
    “Oh I practice yoga! I started when I was 40 years old!” (which made me smile!)
    “But I stopped doing inversions and going on my head when I was 74 or so…” (I was in disbelief!)
    Later on in the conversation (as I’m sure you are also wondering…), she comments that she will be celebrating her 94th birthday this year. (!!!!!) I literally think my jaw dropped when she said. And with that – she clipped her fannypack back on and headed out the door.

    Needless to say, I consider myself blessed for having met her.
    Just wanted to share that with you 🙂
    Hope you are well Kaitlyn. ❤

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