Research to real-life: The voice of Parkinson’s

Today I wanted to introduce an idea… that YOUR VOICE can help detect Parkinson’s. There are a few projects underway…
1. The Parkinson’s Voice Initiative was started by Max Little. He and his team developed a cheap and simple tool that uses precise voice analysis software to detect Parkinson’s with 99 percent accuracy. That means a simple phone call can help detect if there are subtle tremors in your voice, indicating Parkinson’s.
The idea behind Max’s study is to collect recordings from people in all different circumstances and test the ability to detect if they accurately have Parkinson’s or not…
Participants call in and tell the answering machine whether they can been diagnosed with Parkinson’s or not… then you proceed to open up and say “AHHHHH“. The vocal tremor is picked up with an algorithm.
2. Also, Shrivastav and MSU’s Department of Communicative Science and Disorders monitor patients speech patterns – specifically, movement patterns of the tongue and jaw – to track the progression of Parkinson’s. “In Parkinson’s disease, a common limitation is that the movements become slow and have a reduced range. We believe we see this pattern in speech too – the tongue doesn’t move as far as it should, doesn’t move as quickly as it should and produces subtle changes in speech patterns.” ;
… Early detection of Parkinson’s with only a telephone? Even Michael J Fox thinks it’s a good idea! much love.

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