3 things to know about frailty and Parkinson’s: II. Physical activity

Following up my previous post on quality of life and mobility related to frailty and Parkinson’s disease, I want to talk about physical activity. This article tells us that females with Parkinson’s are 10x more likely to be frail than males, so it’s important to focus (for a moment!) on females.

And since we know physical activity declines with Parkinson’s, so it could be assumed that physical activity levels would also indicate frailty… but you know what happens when you assume…

instead, what I found is that females with Parkinson’s are active! They are listening to exercise recommendations and are moving! YAY!


So it’s not a lack of activity that is making females with Parkinson’s frail…

managing the other disease symptoms is what contributes to frailty (i.e. how fatigued someone is after the day, how difficult it is to stay on task, how mobile someone is during chores), not the ability to complete exercise and be active!


Find article here: Roland, Cornett, Theou, Jakobi & Jones (2012). J Aging Res. 2012; 2012: 468156.

So, the moral of the story? first of all, don’t underestimate people with Parkinson’s… they are moving! And secondly, pay attention to the other symptoms, like how exhausted someone is at the end of the day as an indication of frailty. much love.


3 thoughts on “3 things to know about frailty and Parkinson’s: II. Physical activity

  1. Great post! I especially like your last paragraph! I have started exercising through the Livestrong Program at my local YMCA, and it has made a world of difference! Last year saw precipitous and significant weight gain as well, slowing me down even more than the usual.

    My overall fitness has improved dramatically in just three months. I still look like a little old drunken lady, but most I can manage without a cane as long as I stay out of crowds. The first day I walked/waddled into the Y without my cane, the Staff gave me a standing ovation!

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