what i’ve been up to…


After successfully defending my PhD (read about it HERE!) and submitting my final version (check out the full version HERE!) I started my new adventures in post-doc (my humble beginnings HERE)!

Now, life after the PhD has been different. Beyong the constraints of the dissertation, you realize there is a world of opportunity waiting for you… then you snap back to it and realize that there are only 24-hours in a day (just like everyone else!), so you need to be realistic.

So, I took 2 steps back, and prioritized… here’s what I’m up to…

  • writing my LAST paper from my PhD data (there’s always more!) and publishing my last chapters.
  • running workshops on caregiving and anxiety/energy for the Parkinson Society BC and Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson Centre – … stay informed HERE !
  • creating a synthesis on caregiver’s needs throughout different dementia progressions, for example how can we support AD caregivers in the early stages? how does this differ from the needs of a caregiver for someone with fronto-temporal dementia? How do caregiver needs change as the disease progresses? … and especially, How can we support caregivers of someone with PD + dementia (motor + cognitive impairments)?
  • helping to meet the online support needs of persons living with PD in Victoria
  • developing and teaching a course on “Healthy Ageing” in the School of Health and Social Policy (B.A. Health & Community Services)!
  • and, bringing YOGA to the Parkinson community in Victoria… stay tuned for details!

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the new year… Happy 2013! Exciting possibilities await! much love.


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