Favourite things – parkinson’s resource books: exercise

1. This book outlines not only yoga, but also covers range of motion exercises, low to no-impact aerobics, strength training, relaxation/meditation and T’ai Chi. The exercises are explained in detail utilizing safe body mechanics and has illustrated variations. This complete wellness program also offers information on home safety, fall prevention, activities of daily living, and body mechanics (including how to get up from the floor) as well as facial and voice projection exercises. It explains how each movement technique physiologically affects the body and specifically help Parkinson’s disease. (goodreads.com) Lori’s website HERE!

2. A daily guide to yoga practice designed for people with dystonia, muscle imbalance, rigidity, and spasms due to such causes as Parkinson’s, stroke, and multiple sclerosis. The focus is on rebuilding strength and flexibility as well as physical and emotional balance. The mind/body connection is woven throughout,and each chapter concludes with a brief list of why the day’s practice is beneficial along with suggestions of how to apply the poses and concepts to everyday activities. LIM (Less Is More) Yoga, it tones and stretches gently, without exertion and with an emphasis on relaxation (amazon.ca). Check out Renee’s website HERE and blog HERE – she is truly an inspiring yogini!

3. John Argue has distilled information from his classes for Parkinson’s patients into a comprehensive exercise program designed to help you improve flexibility, balance, gait, and communication. Over 100 photographs illustrate the exercises, which derive from yoga and tai chi techniques and theater movement skills. Techniques in the book encompass a variety of daily activities. This is a wonderful comprehensive resource!

4. Here is a GLOWING review from an Amazon reviewer… I couldn’t have said it better myself : “Parkinson’s patients who buy David Zid’s exercise book will have no excuse for skipping a workout regardless of where they happen to be… Unlike other exercise books, routines covered in Delay the Disease don’t call for investment in specialized equipment… The book’s design makes Delay the Disease user friendly. Each exercise is illustrated with as many as four pictures in color on heavy paper. Spiral binding makes it easy to hold the book open to the appropriate page”  It is a practical user-friendly guide. Check out his website HERE!

There are great resources to start with… what resources have you found inspiring to get you UP and MOVING with Parkinson’s? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. much love.

P.S. in case you missed it, some of my favourite Parkinson’s related-novels to line your bookshelves and bedside table HERE and general resource books HERE!

Note: click on the number to be directed to where you can buy the book (amazon.ca) OR check with your local Parkinson’s support group to see what they have in their library!

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