break a sweat for PD

Athlete at the BC Senior Games

As we get older, our brain shrinks… yep it’s inevitable… all those thoughts, memories and white matter just waste away. White matter is especially important, like the wiring of our brain that is associated with cognitive function and memory.
Especially in PD, preserving brain volume could potentially improve motor and cognitive symptoms and anxiety.
A few recent studies show how exercise can help maintain our brain volume and quality of life
THIS ONE states people who exercised the most also had the least amount of shrinkage and damage to the brain’s white matter
THIS ONE shows treadmill exercise are the most feasible for people with PD, and showed the greatest improvement in gait speed and quality of life.
THIS ONE demonstrates that combining strength exercises with treadmill training may have an even greater impact on walking speed and fitness. (also see it on Parkinson Disease Foundation‘s blog HERE!)

Finally, here is a great chart from the Parkinson society Canada to keep track of your daily exercise patternsHERE
a few more reasons to get out there! much love.

… one of my favourite places to get sweaty? Why, Moksha Yoga, of course!

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