Favourite things – parkinson’s resource books: general info

1. A new book put out by the American Academy of Neurology. It’s contains up-to-date research and is directed towards all people living with Parkinson’s – including person with PD, caregiver , family members, etc. It focuses on how to discuss your diagnosis, how to ask neurologist questions, ways to relieve burden and improve quality of life … and has a great question and answer section with some really applicable questions.

2. This book is a tried-and-true resource put out by John Hopkins. It has great scientific updates re. genetics and medication, but also provides comprehensive help for day-to-day disease management. It includes some great exercise information and has an extensive description of deep brain stimulation surgery.

3. This book is written by a professional chef so it, naturally, focuses on nutrition. It explains the benefits of anti-oxidant, nutrient-rich ingredients, specific herbs and spices known to favorably impact the brain (curcumin!). All of this “food info” is complementary by her story of navigating Parkinson’s with her husband. A really great book on day-to-day challenges for those with PD and general well-eating for all foodies!

4. This has been my go-to resource on diagnosis, causes, pathophysiology, progression, disease management with an interdisciplinary focus. It is aimed at geriatricians and scientists, but written in a really well-organized and understandable language. There is a chapter on the organization of services and effective management of chronic disease, that emphasizing the importance of staging Parkinson’s disease in terms of diagnosis, maintenance, and complex and palliative care.

There are great resources to start with… what resources have you found beneficial to understanding and navigating Parkinson’s? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. much love.

P.S. in case you missed it, some of my favourite Parkinson’s related-novels to line your bookshelves and bedside table HERE!

Note: click on the number to be directed to where you can buy the book (amazon.ca) OR check with your local Parkinson’s support group to see what they have in their library!

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