from research to real life – calcium may advance Parkinson’s disease

I’m starting a new regular post… from research to real life. There’s so much information out there, it’s hard to keep track of it all! I will present new (and exciting!) research in both a scientific and news media format, so the ideas come across in whatever way you choose to get your information!

I thought this was an interesting article on calcium and dopaminergic neurons.

The main idea: calcium stresses dopamine neurons, leading to premature aging and cell death. There is ongoing research into drugs that shut down Cav1.3 (a membrane protein that controls calcium release) to relieve stress on dopamine cells… and may slow disease progression.

ResearchCaV1.3-selective L-type calcium channel antagonists as potential new therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease

Real lifeParkinson’s breakthough could slow disease progression – Dementia News – –.

enjoy! much love.


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