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life lessons from a lost file

a couple weeks ago, I attempted to change the name of a document. a really important document. i’ll spare you the “technological mishaps” (because honestly, I’m not too sure what happened myself), but after a meltdown at the public library and a mad-bike ride to the nearest computer store, the file was just a figment of my imagination.

apparently, while working on this very important presentation for my PhD defence over the past couple months I didn’t even think to back-up, email or save any other version. it was a big blind-spot… one that I don’t do often, and now won’t do again soon (gosh, I hope not!)!

so I had a mini-meltdown (i.e., lots of tears and gin). After some encouraging words and flowers that brought a smile to my face, i sat myself back down in front of my computer and started again. I even had a tingle of motivation, “maybe this one will be better than the last!“, “I’ll be able to summarize my results even more clearly“, and “it will all seem even more relevant!“.

It’s funny how sometimes a bad situation can be just what you need to gain that motivation to keep going and do better! so maybe it’s about how we pick ourselves back up. whether it is a lost file (that may seem like the world in that moment), some bad news, or a fall, some breath, awareness and that new-found motivation may just help you regain your balance.

much love … and don’t forget to back up your computer! (like, right now.)

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biking, beaching, snuggling, and caffeinating around Victoria…

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camping, swimming and market-going in Salt Spring Island

warpaint, wetsuits, and surf trips to Tofino

lazy beach days and driftwood huts in Tofino

hope summer is bringing you lots of joy! much love