breath through your nose

want to know why yoga teachers always emphasize breathing through your nose?


… it’s all about Nitrous Oxide (NO).

NO is a relaxant that causes blood vessels to dilate, improving the absorption and release of gases in the lungs. It regulates other things, like hair production, and kills bacteria.

NO is released from the sinuses and is the reason why we feel so good after doing ujjayi breathing (“ocean sounding”) during a vinyasa, vibrational chanting “OM”, practicing a pranayama like kumbhaka (holding), or even invigorated after nose-breathing during aerobic exercise.

These practices stimulate the production of nitric oxide in your nose, which then travels down your windpipe, wiping out bacteria and opening blood vessels as it travels down to the lungs and back again.

So, NO effects the pulmonary capillaries, enables relaxation, and integrates the experiences of the body… making the nose a pretty integral part of your yoga practice. much love.

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