breath through your nose

want to know why yoga teachers always emphasize breathing through your nose?


… it’s all about Nitrous Oxide (NO).

NO is a relaxant that causes blood vessels to dilate, improving the absorption and release of gases in the lungs. It regulates other things, like hair production, and kills bacteria.

NO is released from the sinuses and is the reason why we feel so good after doing ujjayi breathing (“ocean sounding”) during a vinyasa, vibrational chanting “OM”, practicing a pranayama like kumbhaka (holding), or even invigorated after nose-breathing during aerobic exercise.

These practices stimulate the production of nitric oxide in your nose, which then travels down your windpipe, wiping out bacteria and opening blood vessels as it travels down to the lungs and back again.

So, NO effects the pulmonary capillaries, enables relaxation, and integrates the experiences of the body… making the nose a pretty integral part of your yoga practice. much love.

Caregiver Workshop : Parksville BC


Are you a caregiver to a person with Parkinson’s, and do you live in or near Parksville? PSBC is hosting a workshop designed especially for you on Thursday, October 13th at St. Columba Church. Pre-registration is required. Visit our website for all the details.

see details below…
Time out for Caregivers! Workshop
Thursday, October 13, 2011, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Registration Opens: 12:30 pm

St. Columbia Church, 921 Wembley Road, Parksville BC

Pre-registration is required by October 6, 2011

TO RESERVE:  604 662 3240, or 1 800 668 3330, or email Stacey Clarke

Guest Speaker
Kaitlyn Roland,  PhD (Candidate), UBC Okanagan
Caregiver Health: From Research to Real Life
This interactive workshop is an opportunity for caregivers to learn more about caregiver health, practical applications of research into caregiver concerns, and to share and learn from one another. The agenda includes breakout sessions with topics of special interest.
 Please note, this is a special workshop for caregivers only.  Please do not bring your loved one with Parkinson’s. If you need help connecting to respite resources, please speak to Stacey when you register.
Light refreshments will be provided.  There is no charge for this event.

see you there? much love.

friend ‘n’ family time

i just came back from a wonderful trip back east to Ontario… it was re-energizing to see all those people that are dear to me!

i was present as a friend got married 

olga and i with ruthie, the bride!

visited a friend just before she became a mommy (baby Ryder is now 4 days old!)

mama-amy and I ... black and white coordinated!

met my new fur-nephew, Jack

me 'n jack

went on a scenic tour of Lake Huron (though, the fish weren’t bittin’!)

captain jesse

had our “annual” reunion with university-friends

reunion in elora

and had good ol’ fashion family- and friend-time… life is sweet! much love.

a couple papers closer

since we are rounding out the last few weeks of summer, it makes me want to reflect on the last 8 months.

it’s nice to look back and know you did your best, worked hard, focused on achieving your goal, survived the bumps in the road… and managed to enjoy the ride along the way!

here’s a couple publications from this past year that are getting me closer to my current goal (PhD)…

Roland et al. 2011 Maturitas

Theou et al. 2011 Journal of Aging Research

read, skim, browse, enjoy! much love.

p.s. full update on my recent trip east coming soon 😉