outdoors adventures

i have a new perspective this season…

paddling lake okanagan

… not too shabby, eh?

camping season is well underway… we started a little later this year, but at least we haven’t been stuck in 5ft of snow like last easter!

i have a hard time “turning off” my need to work-work-work, so removing myself from internet, computers and cell phones usually does the trick!

i am so grateful for the outdoors and all it offers…

drinking coffee while the sun rises…

caffeine at Garnet Lake

or dandelion dew when the moon is out

dandelion caesars by the fire

slow sunsets

minnow lake

watching levon “the adventure dog” have the best.day.ever.

outward hound

paddling with no agenda

paddling Garnet Lake (in the rain/hail!)

and most importantly, campfire food!


banana - chocolate - peanut butter pancakes!

bring on the sunshine, summer and adventures! much love.


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