dance in the duality

A few weeks ago I had a very inspirational class at Trinity Yoga Centre (website here) with one of the most inspirational teachers that I would like to share. It was all about duality… or opposites… or compliments… as in; sun & moon, yin & yang, hot & cold, effort & ease.

Some traditions believe there are energy channels (called nadis) that exist in your body; the sun (pingala, active, right), the moon (ida, passive, left), and the sushumna, which is right in the middle. Ha(sun)tha(moon) yoga balances the nadis and the flow of life-force energy (prana).

This duality is always there, inside us.

Energy Channels (ida, pingala, sushumna)

Have you every thought it possible to be both happy and sad at the same time? If energetic duality exists within us, maybe it is possible for it to exist in the world… So, what if it’s not that you ARE “happy” or “sad”, but that you are CHOOSING to pay more attention to the emotion “happy” or the emotion “sad” that both exist within you. Like the idea that if there is sun, there is always a shadow.

So, if you can choose what emotions you pay attention to, like choosing what you eat for breakfast, are you (unconsciously?) choosing to be sad and, therefore, to suffer?

choose your mood?

what about the types of activities you choose to do, for example the type of yoga classes you attend. why do you choose that particular style? are you typically fast-paced and high-strung during your day and choose to take a hot power flow? or are you more laid back and love to yin?

Yang & Yin

.. have you ever though to do the opposite? maybe you have, but came up with a million-and-one excuses not to. maybe it’s time to notice when resistance shows-up for you and lean into it… it may be exactly what you need!

So, if you can choose what you pay attention to in your daily life, body and thoughts, then you can do so with your emotions. And it’s always possible to “look on the bright side of life“, because the duality is always there, light dances with the darkness.

… it’s a powerful idea, what does it mean to you?

I’ll leave you with some Monty Python… just because they make it so catchy to look on the bright side of life! much love.

p.s. i have lots to share in next week or two… from wilderness adventures, to family time, to caring for caregivers… stay tuned!


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