occupational hazard

Could Parkinson’s disease be considered an occupational hazard?

Some research indicates that farmers, ranchers & fishermen (link here to the research article),


Grampy Roland unloading lobster traps (1997)

and people with more education (link to research article),

especially health care workers

Nurse Alice

and teachers

Professor Smith

are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease later in life.

Conversely, engineers, construction and production workers are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

Wayne Campbell

The increased risk has been attributed to increased psychosocial stress, pesticides and infectious agents (especially respiratory). People in the health care field may also have a more attentive eye, and access to better specialists and quicker diagnoses – which can all play a role.

Most hypotheses come back to physical activity (link to research article), and its contribution to decreasing risk of developing Parkinson’s disease (even though farmers and fisherman are one of the most active professions, exposure to toxins may outweigh its benefits!).

interesting stuff, huh?

… so maybe we just need to get out there and get movin! much love.


3 thoughts on “occupational hazard

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  2. I have a theory that it seems to target the over achievers in life. the people that excel in their fields. The Janet Renos , Billy Grahams , Muhammad Alis , Michael J. Fox and my father who ran his last marathon at the age of 62 but was diagnosed with PD at 56. If I am correct and does target the over achievers then I am definitely not a candidate.

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