what if it just took dedication?



when I was young I was dedicated to ballet…

the nutcraker (1990)

my quote from the local newspaper... i was 7 years old!


then I moved on to cheerleading… I was (often, extremely!) dedicated…

SDSS cheerleading (2000)



now, I am dedicated to improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease…

data collection with Elaine (2010)


and yoga.

photography by Jaimie Rankin


Throughout it all, there’s been my dedication to learning…

kindergarten graduation (1988)
bachelor of health science graduation (2006)



Malcolm Gladwell says that if you want to let your light shine, you should dedicate 10,000 hours to whatever that is! (Seth Godin also comments on this theory)


so, the question is … what are you dedicated to? much love.


3 thoughts on “dedication

  1. Awesome! xo I love that you’re dedicated to living your life to the fullest and making a difference. Go Kait! 🙂

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