new season, new perspective

happy spring!

i ushered in the change in seasons with a yoga workshop with the wonderful Ryan Leier (One Yoga, Saskatoon – at Moksha Yoga Kelowna (

Ryan Leier

The first day started with a discussion on the ‘yamas’ and ‘niyamas’… or “yoga code”. Often, people start yoga and focus purely on the discipline of the physical practice; however, the foundation of yoga is living as conscious and compassionate beings.

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you may have felt the energetic footprint of each posture… but, if you’re not in alignment/balance in body, mind and the rest of your life, this could potentially do more harm than good! Both living your life and practicing yoga poses with integrity will enable you to surrender to the experience.


energy flow

My focus the next day was about how to do asana (physical yoga postures) with a balance of effort and ease. It’s amazing how the struggles on your mat reflect those in your day-to-day life… should I relax a bit and take a break? Or really go for it? By being more aware of how you are feeling, you are able to be more compassionate with yourself – which extends to others too!

… we also had some fun with inversions!

headstand, step-by-step

Inversions stimulate pituitary and hypothalamus glands, improve circulation to the heart and encourage venous return, increase memory and concentration, strengthen immune systems and encourage lymphatic fluid drainage. Finally, they strengthen the spine, neck, arms, shoulders, legs and abdominal muscles… need I say more?


photography - Jaimie Rankin

so, try turning your world upside-down and get a new perspective… just remember the joy is in the journey! much love.


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