yoga for health, illness and grades

I am a teaching assistant (TA) for a 3rd year Human Kinetics course called “exercise prescription”. Keith (my co-pilot) and I run the lab sessions, which typically involve us getting paid to exercise with the students (how sweet, right?). This week was especially great since the students came to do some yoga with me! The idea behind these labs are to expose students to different types of training, since most of them will go one to become Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) and Certified Exercise Physiologists (CEP).


Less than half of the students have tried yoga; though I should tell you, attendance was mandatory and grades depended on them coming to my yoga class. However, I am deeply honored at how open these students were to the practice. Whatever reservations/judgements they had about yoga seemed to melt away the moment they hit their mats and began to deepen their breath. I am in awe of even the tiniest of transformations that occurred in the room, which was evident by a relaxed jaw here, an unfurled brow there, a deeper calmer breath, and the ability to let the mat support even 5% more of their body-weight.


photo credit: Moksha Yoga Kelowna

I think the incorporation of yoga into more CPT (and comparable) programs is another step in the right direction… not only to improve physical health of the collective, but also to enable more compassionate and conscious beings. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about yoga therapy. It seems to me an underutilized therapeutic intervention, and I would love to learn more about this area and draw more attention to its benefits. Dr. Robin Munro is the Founder and Director of the Yoga Biomedical Trust and the Yoga Therapy Center in London. He has been practicing yoga for 40 years and is currently involved with yoga therapy research, clinical work and training yoga therapists.

Dr. Robin Munro, PhD


“Yoga therapy cultivates mind/body integration and a sense of harmony with life. It promotes the innate healing resources of the body, helping restore the proper functioning of the various bodily systems” Yoga BioMedical Trust, UK


If you share any interest in this, please read his paper on Yoga Therapy (Munro, 1997) here -> yoga therapy (munro, 1997).


I’d like to express gratitude to Moksha Yoga Kelowna for allowing us to use their beautiful new space this week (check them out! and to the HK students for coming to class with an open mind and a willingness to play on the mat!

much love.


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