standing a little stronger & a little softer

It’s like I’ve fallen out of bed from a long and vivid dream
Finally I’m free of all the weight I’ve been carrying

Wake me up


happy monday!


things are changing and new layers are unravelling. another amazing weekend has come to a close, along with it came a new soundtrack to spring (quote above).

soundtrack for spring



I did an amazing workshop with Jay Fields called “being and becoming”. I spent the majority of this weekend learning how the practice of yoga supports how I live in the world, specifically how I stand and how my feet make contact with the earth.

Jay Fields

the first day of the workshop centered around the psoas muscle. ultimately, by stretching and strengthening this huge intrinsic muscle (which starts behind the ribs and wraps under our abdomen to end at to top of our femur bone) we can stand more solidly. but also, stretching this muscle enables us to soften a bit too! i love the duality in this, stronger yet softer; following your heart, instead of leading with will…

i really like the idea of relaxing and coming into alignment; just being alive in the moment instead of charging through the world with force (willfully).

the second day focused on how we meet the earth, specifically the muscles of the lower leg and feet. by strengthening and lengthening (a weak muscle is a tight muscle), yoga helps us grow our capacity to really feel. i hope she comes back to kelowna and highly recommend that you check out her website:



in between “the psoas” and “the feet” was a lovely dinner with some lovely ladies. there’s nothing like good friends, food, and wine to help you be more alive in the moment!   much love.

good friends, lets eat!

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