shine your light

so, what is dharma, or “righteous duty”? in other words, what is my life’s work? I have been thinking a lot about the idea of “dig one hole and dig it deep” (my deepest gratitude to harshad & trinity yoga centre). to me that means focus your energy on your passion.

i had a lovely dinner (at summerhill organic winery, ah life in the okanagan!) with some lovely ladies last night.

view of lake okanagan from summerhill organic winery

We got to talking, over some delicious vino, about traveling (do you choose ONE destination to immerse yourself in, or dip your toes and move on?) and future work (deepen your current training? or start a new?). To me, it all came back to choosing one path and fully committing yourself.

for example, my buddy levon is an expert sleeper. his dharma (well, what i guess it to be) is to find the most comfortable spot in the room and snuggle in. that’s his passion and where he focuses his energy… as you can see, he’s good at it!.

levon doing what he does best, sleeping.


Even with the constant reminders to slow down, I am a multitasker. I want to do research, write papers, do yoga, teach yoga, travel, take interesting photos, be a drummer/xylophonist/egg-shaker, lover, partner, friend, listener… and all at the same time! Now, my focus is on choosing the most important task (whatever that may be in the moment) and doing that well. With respect to my life’s work, my dharma lies somewhere with Parkinson’s disease and yoga (see the amazing book below). I don’t know much more than that, but it’s enough to keep my focus on “digging deeper” to finish my PhD.

my perfect resource!


This leads me to this great website, People with great ideas have 20 minutes to give the talk of their life! these speakers impart wisdom and their passion really shines through. Your dharma should be what makes you shine… this got me thinking, what would my TED talk be? … what would yours?

(my dear friend Kat introduced me to TED with this inspiring video, i’ll leave you with that)

much love.


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